The Gods of Oberon

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The Gods of Oberon are many and diverse. Most of the humanoid races follow their own religions, whether that be monotheistic or a pantheon.

What are 'Gods'[edit]

On Oberon a 'God' is a name given to a specific type of Divine entity. There are 'Greater Gods', Lesser Gods' and 'Demigods' and all reside on the Outer Planes, which is linked to (but separate from) the Prime Material Plane. There are other forms of divine entity and all can be (roughly) placed on a Divinity Hierarchy.

It is an important note that Gods are not considered to be Celestials. That term is reserved for a specific type of extraplanar creature which are equal and opposite in nature to Fiends. The 'Good' Gods do not routinely use or interact with Celestials, just as the 'Evil' Gods do not routinely use or intereact with Fiends.


On Oberon a 'Religion' is any organised method of worship of one or more (thematically related) Gods. Religions are therefore distinct from Cults which do not worship Gods.

Most races will worship a Religion but some only follow Cults. The most well-known religions, by race, are listed below.


The Humans of the Merebian Empire worship a medium-sized pantheon of deities known as 'The Twelve'.


The Dwarves worship a small pantheon of six deities known as 'The Clan'.


The Elves of Oberon worship the deity known as 'Corellon' via the monotheistic religion which they call 'the Duty'. This religion governs not only how Corellon is worshipped but also details the caste system that governs the Elven people.



It is a common misconception that Tieflings worship Orcus. This is incorrect as most Tieflings actually follow the Human religion of 'The Twelve'.


Ymirkin primarily worship the nature deity, Mielikki, whom they believe they are directly descended from.



Minotaurs worship a deity known as 'Gar-oo' who teaches them that “servitude is divine”.

Bugbears, Hobgoblins and Goblins[edit]