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The history of Oberon is, in many ways, the History of the Merebian Empire for although there are records of events going back nearly 45,000 years they are just fragments written by non-human civilisations. These older civilisations had inaccurate or inconsistent calendars and many records were based o earlier oral histories and so their veracity can not be guaranteed.

The Empire though keeps meticulous records and ensure that only the 'truth' is disseminated to its people. For those who are interested, pre-Imperial history can still be studied at any of the fine Imperially-resourced institutions at Academia.

Imperial history is also bound together with the history of the Emperors and understanding the Empire often requires an appreciation of the person who was Emperor (or Empress) at the time.

1st Century IC[edit]

  • 0 IC - Darameus' claims victory over the Draco. Darameus crowned Emperor of Merebia
  • 06 IC - The Cerulean Chancery is formed
  • 55 IC - the Orcs of Urkarus land on the west coast of Thorast.
  • 58 IC - the Dwarves of Thorast request the assistance of the Merebian Empire to defeat the Orcs
  • 60 IC - Orcs defeated. Merebian Empire declare Thorast to be under Imperial rule.
  • 61 IC - Thunder Accords signed
  • 64 IC - First recorded sighting of a Tiefling

2nd Century IC[edit]

3rd Century IC[edit]

  • 206 IC - Academia formally requests to join the Empire

4th Century IC[edit]