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The early history of Oberon is exceptionally difficult to piece together with any degree of accuracy. Most of it comes from records of earlier oral history of non-Human races, who had only vague systems of recording times. Imperial historians have done their best to assemble these fragments into some sort of order but much of the following is more educated guesswork than hard fact.

Dates are given as BE (Before Empire) where appropriate.

50,000 to 41,000 years BE[edit]

  • 45,000 BE - The Dwarven gods visit the lands of Oberon looking for a home for their people. Seeing the majestic mountain ranges of Thorast, rich with minerals, they decide to settle there. Their people become the first known clans of Dwarves on Oberon.
  • 43,000 BE - At some point around this time the Old War was believed to have been fought.

40,000 to 31,000 years BE[edit]

  • 38,000 BE - The barriers between Oberon and the Fae-realms are torn and thousands of Elves and Gnomes use the breach to cross over to Oberon and to escape the tyrannical rule of the Eladrin. They settle in the the lands where the barrier between realities are weakest - Dominus, Erganth and Lyrazante.
  • 32,000 BE - the first recorded meeting of Elves and Dwarves. Despite some early reservations both people soon realise that they are not in competition for any natural resources and soon strike up a cordial relationship which exists even today.

30,000 to 21,000 years BE[edit]

  • 21,000 BE - Orcs first appear on Oberon. War between Orcs and the combined forces of the Dwarves and Elves breaks out almost immediately. It has yet to stop.

20,000 to 11,000 years BE[edit]

  • 16,000 BE - First recorded sighting of Dragons on Oberon.

10,000 to 1,000 years BE[edit]

  • 6,000 BE - Elves and Dwarves encounter Humans for the first time. Details of this meeting are hazy - the Elves claim that Humans fell from the sky, whilst the Dwarves say that they emerged from a volcano. The Gnomes initially believed that they were hunters sent by the Eldarin.
  • 2,000 BE - Humans establish the nation of La'Quen, a giant city 30 miles across and home to millions of Humans
  • 1,280 BE - Xanathon the 4th, the 'Sun-King', Lord of Time and avatar of 'Temporus' is proclaimed 'Supreme and Eternal ruler of La'Quen'.
  • 1,220 BE - Xanathon the 4th destroys La'Quen in an event known as "the Cataclysm".

1,000 to 500 years BE[edit]

  • 800 BE - Eladrin are first sighted on Oberon. They are immediately confined to a small region of Erganth by the resident Elven population.
  • 500 BE - the city state of Merebia is founded. It is the last of the great city-states of Dominus to be founded before the Empire

500 to 100 years BE[edit]

  • 400 BE - Last recorded sighting of Dragons in Oberon.

100 to 1 years BE[edit]

  • 50 BE - Darameus is believed to have been born.
  • 20 BE - Darameus begins his campaign to unite the city-states of Dominus under one ruler: himself