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24th Sept. 2017 New installation of MediaWiki. Work begins on updating all wiki pages
10th Sept. 2017 Began work on rebuilding all pages
19th Jul. 2017 Moved site to new hosting provider (Namecheap) and new domain
6th Aug. 2015 Closed site :(
5th. Aug 2009 Got the entire navbar page working after finally seeing the typo!
3rd. Aug 2009 Updated the wiki. Added the new Player's Guide and some rules variations.
Fixed a few more dead links.
6th. Jan 2008 Swapped from DokuWiki to Media Wiki (purely for aesthetic reasons).
Added some contents to the "Downloads" section". Carried on work with
cleaning up the HTML to make it easier to edit in future.
5th. Jan 2008 Began adding more pages to the wiki and created a basic 'Downloads' page.
4th. Jan 2008 Created a basic game-world 'wiki' using DokuWiki
2nd. Jan 2008 The first pages of this site go live using our new hosting provider, Streamline

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